Indebted To A Vampire

RELEASE DATE : 18/05/2021

“Please…please stop and let me go.” I pleaded when he was taking steps towards me. I was scared to death because I never thought I would be caught up in this mess due to my father.
“Why, my beauty? Why should I let a beauty like you go?” he asks with a smirk on his face. In a second, he was standing in front of me, nuzzling my neck and takes my blood scent in ” After all, your father is indebted to me, and to pay his debt, he offered you for fulfilling my hunger and sexual cravings.” he murmured licking my skin. After a few licks on my neck, he sunk his fangs in my skin, and I screamed in pain as he feeds on me, which later turned into pleasure, and I end up screaming his name in pleasure.
Minerva Cole is a girl who is offered by his father to pay the debt he owes to a wealthy businessman, namely Easton Lemeire. She loves her father so much that’s why she agreed to pay the debt with her body if it saves her father’s life. But when she is taken to the businessman, she gets shocked to know that he is a vampire. Not just a vampire but the King of all the vampires.
Later she falls in love with him, and they both got married, but some enemies around them don’t want them together and are after the unique powers Minerva has got, which she herself doesn’t know about.
Will Minerva ever find out about her secret powers, or will her enemies succeed in taking her powers?
Will Easton and Minerva be able to have their happily ever after?
Duh, of course, they will because my story’s end on HEA, but still, you should find out. Hehehe!