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Hi! We’re Best Selling author MayhemAva

Hi, I am Mayhem Ava. You can call me “Mayhem” or “May” it is up to you. I always wanted to be a writer in my life since I was fourteen because the feelings a good book gives is out of this whole world. These books take us to an imaginary world, “Full of Fairytale” or “Our own created La La Land.”
I am obsessed with Billionaire, Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, and Witches. So, I like to write books on them and what’s best?! I like to show girl power in my books. And don’t worry, I am a Happily Ever After type of writer, so you are guaranteed to get HEA endings in my books.
If you are looking for the following:-

  • Sweet, Caring, Possessive Hero
  • A kickass and independent Heroine
  • Supernatural Creatures like ( Vampire, Werewolves, etc.)
  • A fantasy land
  • HEA

Then this is the perfect stop for you. Read free four sample chapters of every book, then buy the E-book at one low price. I am sure you all will love it and don’t forget to fill the newsletter form to get updates on every upcoming book and sale.
Happy Reading, my lovely Readers!

Meeting you was a fate. Becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond control.