Second Chance Love

RELEASE DATE : 10/09/2021

Ace White is a multi-billionaire and a single dad of his four-year-old son as his wife divorced him and left him with their son for another man. One day, he took his son to the park for a picnic when his son got lost in the park. Fortunately, a pregnant lady named Flora Davis found his son, who was sitting with her husband. When Ace saw Flora, he felt attracted to her but too bad she was married and was expecting their first child. He thanked her and went away.
After one year, they met again on some business meeting where he came to know that her husband and her unborn baby died in an accident about a year ago. He felt bad for her and happy at the same time, thinking he can make her his now. They became friends, and Ace’s son Elliot became a fan of Flora and always liked to spend time with her.
Later, Ace confessed his feelings to Flora about her, to which she rejected, saying that she’s still grieving her husband’s loss. After giving it a thought, she gave Ace a chance, and they became a couple. They lived a happy and blissful life until one day, Ace’s ex-wife Zoe returned and began to create trouble in their happy life with her evil intentions.
Will Flora be able to defeat Zoe and ruin her evil intentions?
Who will Ace choose?  The love of his life or his Elliot’s mother for his son’s sake?