The Billionaire’s Regret

“ Caroline and Carl are my babies also. I am their father. You can’t keep them away from me. I won’t tolerate it. I want to be in their lives.” Ian yelled in front of me in anger.

“ Oh yeah!? Now, you want to be their father? Now, you want to be in their lives?” I yelled back, “ Did you forget you never wanted a baby. You fucking asked me to abort them when I told you about my pregnancy.” I snapped, “ Not just that you fucking divorced me.”

“ I was a fucking idiot, dammit!” he shouted, slamming his fist on my office desk “ I was an asshole who didn’t realize what he had in his life until he let it go. I regret giving you a divorce. I regret asking you to abort our babies. I regret yelling at you. I fucking regret everything.” I can see tears forming in his eyes, but they don’t make me weak anymore like before.

“ Good, now you live with this regret and the guilt you are feeling because I am not entering you back into my life and especially in my babies’ lives.” I snapped.

“ Our babies!” he murmurs, looking at me.

“ MY BABIES! ONLY MINE!” I yelled, standing up on my feet in anger from my chair.

Ariel Black was married to Ian Sinclair and lived a peaceful and happy life with him until one day, he came with a woman in his arm and demanded a divorce. She tells him that he can’t do that as she is pregnant with his child. Ian was so blinded in love for his ex-girlfriend Fiona that he didn’t see the happiness in front of him and asked Ariel to abort the child.

After a few years, Ian’s eyes opened when he was betrayed by his lover Fiona and regretted what he did with Ariel. He regretted everything and started living with guilt until one day there, his path crossed with Ariel, and he found out that he is the father of twins. Now he wants Ariel and his children back in his life no matter what the consequences are, but most importantly, he wants Ariel’s forgiveness from her heart.

Will Ariel forgive Ian Sinclair? Or will this Billionaire live with regret his whole life?